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Allergy Drops
I used to avoid going to the doctor because I hated getting shots. Now I take my allergy drops every day, and my allergies are under control for the first time.

Allergy Drops

Weightlifting for immunity

In my no-needle practice, allergy drops are an important alternative to allergy shots, which so many people are afraid or loathe to get. Allergy drops work in a similar fashion to lifting weights. Just as weightlifters start out with light weights and slowly work their way up to heavier poundage as the body becomes stronger, allergy drops provide a “workout” for the body’s immune system. The body is challenged with low doses of a particular allergen until it becomes stronger through exposure and can tolerate higher doses of allergens, giving the body lasting immunity against allergy triggers.

Allergy drops versus Allergy shots

I rarely use a needle in my practice. There are so many benefits to allergy drops, also called sublingual immunotherapy, that it no longer makes sense for me to use shots. Aside from eliminating the need for unpleasant injections, allergy drops save time. With allergy shots, patients typically have to return to their doctor twice a week for several months, followed by weekly, then monthly visits for several years. Often, the patient avoids going for their shots, and the treatment is not effective. With drops, the patient has their medication in a convenient, easy to use form, and they stick to the regimen much more often.

One drop a day

With allergy drops, we create a custom-designed, diluted formula of your particular allergens. You take a little bottle home and each morning, place a drop under your tongue. Since treatment with allergy drops is so easy and convenient, people are more likely to follow through with their treatment and see results. Studies have shown that people are more likely to finish their course of therapy with drops, which means faster—and greater—tolerance to allergens.

Safer than shots

Allergy drops are also safer than injections. That’s because there are fewer mast cells and other inflammatory cells under the tongue than in your skin, where you get the injection. Fewer inflammatory cells mean you’re less likely to get an allergic reaction. Having a severe allergic response to allergy drops is rare, whereas with allergy shots, there is a small risk of anaphylaxis.

While allergy drops are commonly used in Europe, adoption has been slower here in the US. We are working towards changing that for the better.

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