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MDAllergy Drops: Allergy Advances Program

Program Overview

Through the MD Allergy Drops Training Program, one of the country’s leading sublingual allergy immunotherapy physicians, Dean Mitchell, M.D., and his Allergy Advances team will provide you and your staff with the personalized medical and administrative training and tools necessary to implement a complete allergy testing and allergy drops vaccine lab in your practice, including:

allergy doctor training program

Doctor-to-doctor training

  • Medical training for physicians – how to order and interpret proper testing; how to prescribe the correct initial vaccine dose of drops; how to continue the build-up phase and, eventually, the maintenance phase for patients.
  • Set-up of an allergy vaccine treatment board so that the proper selection of allergens with proven efficacy is made. Our team will also set up the range of dilutions and teach you and your staff how to make the drops.
  • Tracking system to set up the dosing schedules for each individual patient.
  • Set-up of accounts to order supplies – ordering bottles, labels, and how to appropriately mail the drops to patients.
  • Marketing materials for the practice to help inform your patients of this new service/treatment alternative.
  • Patient education materials – includes a starter kit that outlines everything a patient needs to know once they have decided to start treatment with allergy drops.
  • Ongoing support – includes a dedicated phone line and dedicated staff available to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues.


“The MD Allergy Drops Training Program is excellent. Dr. Dean Mitchell and his staff teach you everything you need to know to implement allergy testing and sublingual immunotherapy treatment in your office. Highly recommend!”
Jacqueline W. Muller, M.D.

How does the training program work?

Dr. Mitchell and his team will conduct two in-depth, hands-on training sessions:

½ day in his practice in Manhattan and ½ day in your office. You will benefit from the “best practices” he has established as well as lessons learned in the 13 years he has been treating his patients with allergy drops. Topics covered will include:

  • Overview of the basic science behind sublingual immunotherapy
  • How to set up and organize your allergy clinic
  • Patient Selection
    • How to identify prospective patients
    • How to confirm and specify allergic conditions/use of the Patient Allergy History
  • Diagnostic Testing
    • Overview of the ImmunoCAP
  • Interpreting Allergy Testing
    • Understanding the results
    • Identifying significant and relevant positive scores
    • Applying results to determine initial dosing amounts
  • Prescribing Allergy Drops
    • Proper documentation using the Immunotherapy Testing and Treatment Form
  • Preparation and Mixing of Allergy Drops
    • Understanding the Treatment Board
    • Staff role and training
    • Proper protocol
    • Documentation
    • Usage of the Dilution Checklist
  • Administration of Allergy Drops in Office and Home
    • Review of Informed Consent
    • Teaching patient how to self-administer
    • Observing patients for adverse reactions
    • Patient starter kit and instructions for at-home use
    • Counseling patients on what to do if an adverse reaction occurs
  • Managing patients through the full course of treatment
    • Follow-up visits
    • Continuing the build-up phase
    • The maintenance phase
    • Setting up your monthly mailing system
    • Setting up your billing and payment system
  • Patient communication/education/marketing
  • Best practices and lessons learned

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly review of cases and review of dosing on patients with Dr. Mitchell by phone and/or e-mail
  • Monthly “Best Practices” conference call for all participating physicians
  • Emergency questions support – dedicated phone line
  • Staff support to make sure flow of monthly drops mailing is under tight control

For more information, and to schedule your training, call 212.397.0157.

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