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I read Dr. Mitchell's blog faithfully. It helps me find tips on how to prevent my asthma symptoms, and get information on the latest developments in treatment.

Allergies Can be a Real Pain in the Neck

The fields of orthopedics and allergy seem to have little in common. You break a leg, you go see the orthopedist and have a cast put on. You have severe sneezing fits, you see the allergist who gives you a nasal spray. Do the two paths ever cross?


allergies: guy in a brace

The Doctor Joke

This reminds me of a doctor joke… two doctors walk into a bar, one an orthopedist the other an allergist. A young man in a neck brace was also in the bar sipping a beer. The orthopedist walks over and says “What happened? Can I help you I’m an orthopedist?”

The young man looks past him and asks if his friend is also a doctor, and if so what type? The orthopedist replies: “Oh, he’s just an allergist, he can’t help you.”

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Fruit and Pollen Allergies: The Double-Whammy

fruit allergiesThinking back to my childhood bible studies, the sin of Adam was eating the forbidden fruit from the apple tree. Today, it seems the sin of eating the apple lies with my patients who have pollen allergies as they may also experience symptoms of an allergy to fruit.

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Allergy Drops vs. Shots: Which Would You Prefer?

grass pollen allergyThere is exciting news for those of you who suffer from pollen allergies (specifically grass pollen allergies). You can now safely choose between three proven pollen allergy treatment options: sublingual grass pollen tablets, sublingual grass pollen drops or subcutaneous grass pollen injections.

The current Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice (March 2015) published a meta-analysis (which means they looked at and compared multiple published studies) and determined that each of these treatments were equally effective for treatment of pollen allergies.

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Scott Walker’s Dog Allergy and Presidential Race

The headline on the front page of The New York Times on April 1st, 2015 read: Governor, Allergic to Dogs, May Run Against Political History. Believe it or not, this was not an April Fool’s joke!

Happy dogThe article was about Governor Scott Walker, a Republican from Wisconsin, who is running for the presidency in 2016 and appears to have already lost one major constituency – dogs.

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Over-the-Counter Allergy Medications: The Complete Guide

The majority of allergy medications are now available without a prescription. over-the-counter allergy medicationsThis is obviously a good thing if you are an allergy sufferer, as you do not have to see your doctor to get a prescription for a simple treatment.

However, you should be careful. Over-the-counter allergy medications can be tricky if you don’t know all of the benefits or risks of using them.

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Allergy Testing Training for Physicians: Basics Part 1

I (Dr. Dean) am currently involved in expanding allergy training to physicians all over the United States. It is exciting to teach a mix of family physicians, pediatricians, internists and other specialists on how to utilize allergy testing in their own practices. doctor allergy testing skin

When assessing allergic patients, in addition to a good history, there are two options available: allergy skin tests or allergy blood tests. When performed and interpreted properly, these are two very sensitive and specific tests. As a board certified allergist, I use both of these types of testing in my practice to make an accurate allergic diagnosis.

Allergy Skin Testing

Allergy skin testing has never been more simple or safe. When I originally trained in my allergy fellowship 25 years ago, we were trained to do intradermal skin tests.

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Cold Urticaria And Cold Allergy: Not A Joke!

I’ve often joked around with my patients during this brutally cold northeast winter that “I’m allergic to the cold!” The dark, cold winter days are tough can be hard to get through both mentally and physically. However, I don’t want to belittle the existence of cold allergy, because it does really exist!
Cold Written on frost

Cold Urticaria

The medical term, cold urticaria, refers to the condition where a patient that is exposed to cold air or water develops hives (urticarial) and even swelling (angioedema).

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Sublingual Allergy Drops Training for Physicians: Expert Advice from an Allergist with Experience

It’s been over one hundred years and now (finally!) the field of allergy has a new form of immunotherapy to desensitize patients to environmental allergens. Welcome to the treatment of sublingual allergy drops.

Sublingual Immunotherapy Training 1

Sublingual Allergy Drops

Dr. Dean has been practicing sublingual immunotherapy for 16 years. He wrote about his experience, how he learned about this relatively new treatment and how it transformed his medical practice in his book, Dr. Dean Mitchell’s Allergy and Asthma Solution (De Capo, 2006).

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The Sinus Headache Mistake: Migraine or Sinus Headache?

“Sinus Headaches”: One of the true mysteries of clinical medicine

Sinus headachePatients regularly come into our offices complaining of pain in the area around their eyes. This pain usually also circles around their forehead and, without fail, these patients always ask for antibiotics to make the pain go away. However, all too often antibiotics are prescribed for sinus headaches that are not caused by a sinus infection. It is for this reason that we make sure we always carry out a careful history check when treating patients who complain of a sinus headache. This may all sound a little confusing, but let us explain.

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Latex Allergy: A Potentially Dangerous Allergen

Latex allergy is an allergy the medical world has been aware of for many years.

Latex is a natural rubber and latex products are primarily made from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. Latex Rubber AllergyLatex is commonly thought of as being a contact allergen, which causes rashes (see our previous post on Allergic Rashes), however it can also have more serious health implications.

The Serious Side Of Latex Allergy

In the 1990’s a more serious symptom of latex allergy emerged. Dr. Dennis Ownby, at Henry Ford Hospital, had several cases of patients who went into anaphylaxis (allergic shock) after exposure to latex medical products. Several of the cases occurred after patients were having GI (gastrointestinal) tests for intestinal problems.

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Allergies Can be a Real Pain in the Neck

The fields of orthopedics and allergy seem to have little in common. You break a leg, you go see the orthopedist and have a cast put on. […]

Fruit and Pollen Allergies: The Double-Whammy

Thinking back to my childhood bible studies, the sin of Adam was eating the forbidden fruit from the apple tree. Today, it seems the sin of eating […]

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