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Dog Allergy Relief
How do you test for allergies? Are allergy drops safe? How long do they last? Find answers to questions people often ask on our FAQ page. Click here

Canine Allergies

A new resident in the White House

In his first press conference as President, Barack Obama announced that his family wanted to bring a new dog home to the White House, but that it had to be hypoallergenic, because his daughter, Malia, was allergic. That made more news around the world than what he hoped to accomplish in his first 100 days! People from all over the world began offering up their suggestions. Even elementary school children held referendums on whether the First Dog should be a Portuguese water dog or a labradoodle. In the end, an adorable PWD, named Bo, won out and Malia seems to be allergy free.

Unlike cats, different dog breeds are considered less allergenic than others. These include the two breeds above as well as small basenji, soft coated wheaten terriers, bichon frise, poodle or some other poodle mixed breeds. And here’s a little known fact: female dogs are less allergenic than male dogs.

How you can help reduce dander

If you have a family member who’s allergic but don’t want to give up your dog, here’s what you can do to reduce the amount of dander in your home:

  • Keep your dog out of your bedroom and off your bed. When you sleep, your body doesn’t clear your secretions as well, and this can cause severe respiratory symptoms.
  • Use HEPA filters in air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, which have been shown to reduce airborne dog allergen levels, reduce symptoms and improve your breathing.
  • Wash your dog on a weekly basis. This can temporarily lower dog dander levels.

For patients that choose to live with their dogs, I test them to see how allergic they are and if it is positive, I make up the sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to build up there immunity to the dog. Over time, this can dramatically reduce their symptoms and need for medications.
Learn more about allergy drops and how they work. Contact us and make an appointment to get tested.

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Allergy Relief
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