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Skin Allergy Treatment
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Skin Allergy Treatment

You can try to treat contact dermatitis with cortisone creams, but if you continue to have outbreaks, you should try to pinpoint the cause through allergy testing so that you can eliminate the source. It may take some medical detective work to diagnose a contact allergen. Here’s what I typically do:

    • I take a detailed history including your occupation, your hobbies and all the different types of products you use on your body, as well as any vitamins and medications you’re taking.  I carefully examine the skin, which could provide some clues to the likely culprit.
    • Next, I do what’s called patch testing. This does not involve needles or taking blood. Instead, light tape is placed on your back with a small amount of the suspicious substances.  The patches are removed after 48 hours and I read the test to see if a specific allergen is the cause. Our office specializes in using the extensive patch series which tests for allergies to hair dyes, fragrances, antibiotics, anesthetics and many of the preservatives that are used in cosmetic skin products.
    • Once the diagnosis is made, you can then practice avoidance when possible.
    • Once you know what your sensitivity is, check product labels carefully for ingredients.

    Contact us today and get tested.

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